LevelUp Campaigns

Campaigns are highly customizable programs built to motivate customer behavior. Whether it's driving new customers in the door, getting your customers to share socially or bringing them back more often, there's guaranteed to be a campaign you'll love. And we're always building out new campaigns, so check back often to see the latest and greatest!


Customer Acquisition

Bring new customers in the door and motivate existing ones to join your program on LevelUp. After each transaction, customers will be prompted to invite their friends to try out your business on Facebook and Twitter by "gifting" this campaign to friends and followers.


Spend Based Loyalty

Spend X, Get Y. This loyalty program is best geared towards quick-service restaurants looking to drive incresed visitation and spend. Businesses running this loyalty program see on average a 20% lift in frequency of visitation and a 7% lift in average ticket.


Visit Based Loyalty

Visit N Times, Unlock A Reward. This loyalty program is best geared towards businesses with a pretty stable average ticket price and looking to increase customers visitation habits. Businesses running this loyalty program see on average a 20% lift in frequency of visitation.


Tiered Loyalty

Reward your customers with better loyalty rewards as they hit certain status levels within your business. For example, your campaign might start at Spend $100, Get $10, but when customers visit 100 times, the construct improves to Spend $100, Get $12.



We'd like to believe that every customer will always come back again, but sometimes they forget. Re-engagement campaigns are built to automatically remind customers who haven't been in a while to come back to your business.

Case Study


Reward you customers with a gift on their birthday. This drives massive customer engagement, happiness and new marginal revenue.

Case Study

Make It Rain

If you're like most businesses, chances are that when it's raining, your sales go down. We can help with that. No, we don't have a weather machine, but we do have a campaign that can fire up automatically to drive customers in the doors when Mother Nature isn't cooperating.



Give $X, get $X. Turn your best customers into viral advocates by enabling them to share special invite links to their friends on Facebook and Twitter. Their friends will receive a reward, and when they transact for the first time at your business, so will the referrer. Drives viral engagement + real world visitation.


Status Level

Reward your best customers with special status levels they can unlock as they hit certain thresholds within your business. For example after your customers visit 100 times, perhaps award them VIP Status. After 1000 visits, maybe they unlock some new status and a special reward.


Make My Day

Pick a day to incentivize to get people who visit less than once per week to come in on that day each week for 8 weeks.


Just One More Time

Motivate people who come in N times per week with an incentive on their N+1th visit that week to get them to come in N+1 times each week for 8 weeks.


Time Shift

Your morning customers only love your coffee but have never tried your sandwiches. Your lunch customers pass you by on the way to work to grab coffee at Starbucks. Use Time-Shift to invite your morning customers to try you for lunch and vice-versa.


New Customer Newsletter

Each month LevelUp emails its user base in target cities inviting customers to explore new businesses. Feature your business in this monthly newsletter to win targeted new customers.


Happy Hour

We all have quiet times during the day. With this campaign you can daypart and motivate visitation during a specific time.



Invite customers to come in on your business's anniversary! It's a great way to get customers to celebrate a special time of the year with you.


Targeted Blasts

At any time you can always reach out to all, or a subset, of your customers on LevelUp. Announcing a new product? Hosting a special event? Let your customers know.



Offer a subscription to your top customers. Buy $60 worth of credit each month at the beginning of the month for $55. This motivates customers to "lock-in" to your business and drives huge increases in revenue per cutomer.


Give Rewards

And of course you can just give rewards via the dashboard or via API to use whatever campaign logic you'd like.



LevelUp's Catering Campaign can use your existing catering business to grow your customer base and your existing customer base to grow your catering business.


LevelUp's campaign infrastructure can support most any campaign construct. If you'd like, our engineers can build a custom campaign structure for your business. Costs vary depending on complexity but are generally in the $500 - $1500 range.

Email enterprise@thelevelup.com for more info.