LevelUp is now officially a part of the Grubhub family!

Meet LevelUp
Over 200 enterprise brands use LevelUp to engage their guests across thousands of locations and millions of customers.
For Restaurants
LevelUp is the growth engine for restaurants
Engage existing and new customers with industry-leading digital-ordering, payment and loyalty experiences. How can LevelUp help you grow?
Omni channel
Omni-Channel Guest Interaction
Engage your guests at every touch-point. In-app, online, in-store.
Customer engagement
Customer Engagement Platform
Understand every guest as an individual and build intelligent segments.
Third party
Third Party Distribution
Meet your guests where they already are with ordering & rewards distribution.
Over 200 restaurant brands trust LevelUp to help grow their business
For Developers & Partners
Hundreds of developers use LevelUp to seamlessly connect users and restaurants
With over 50K restaurants normalized into a single menu, order and rewards API, the possibilities are limitless.
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