Helping restaurants own the shift to mobile.

LevelUp offers one-touch mobile payments & loyalty that your customers will love. Along with rich analytics, processing savings & ROI-driven campaigns that will make your business happy.

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About LevelUp

LevelUp powers mobile payments and rewards programs for over 14,000 businesses and 1.5MM users on every mobile platform.

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About LevelUp

With native support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, your business will be ready to engage with your mobile customers no matter what device they're wielding.


Simply download the free LevelUp app.

Consumers can store your business easily in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet for super fast access.


Link a card to create a LevelUp account.


Tap to pay with NFC or Scan the QR Code on their phone to pay in-store.


Enter their credentials online to checkout.


Seconds later they receive a digital receipt.

LevelUp integrates with 40+ point-of-sale systems and dozens of e-commerce & online ordering platforms.

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While your customers will love paying with their phones, you'll love everything else LevelUp can do for your business.

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Mobile Payments

Mobile payments for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone that support QR Code, NFC and iBeacon.

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Mobile Payments

Your customers will love paying with LevelUp. But you might love it even more.

No chargebacks

Once a transaction is approved, it's approved.

Next Day Deposits

We deposit to your bank account next day.

Supported Mobile Platforms and Technology


QR Code



Apple Wallet

Google Wallet


Learn your customers names, demographics and habits. Enrich your customer profile automatically with every payment.

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Saving money each time your customers pay with LevelUp is great. But the real value in each payment is the story it tells about that customer. While Visa and Mastercard hoard your customer data to strengthen their own rewards programs, LevelUp exposes it to you to engage your customers.

Merchant Dashbooard Customer CRM

Customer CRM

With LevelUp, you'll have access to a rich customer CRM showing you not only who your customers are, but how often they visit, what they buy and more.

Actionable Data

With full access to customer transactional patterns, you'll be able to track the effect of introducing new products, opening for longer hours or running specific campaigns right down to the penny.

Loyalty & Rewards

Turn insights into action with LevelUp's campaign engine. Attract new customers, engage existing ones and lift sales trackably.

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Loyalty & Rewards

Whenever your customers pay with LevelUp, you'll be capturing and cataloguing valuable data about their interactions with your business. But what to do with all that data? LevelUp makes it easy to turn data into action with a powerful campaign engine built to increase revenues.

Merchant Dashbooard Campaign Analytics

Launch Campaigns

Increase customer loyalty with flexible loyalty programs. Drive traffic when it's rainy with real-time weather based campaigns. Attract new customers with powerful viral acquisition tools. Even better, LevelUp learns about your business over time and recommends profit-maximizing strategies right to your inbox.

Track Campaigns

Because LevelUp is the method of payment, redemption is always seamless (customers simply pay to accrue/ redeem rewards) and you can track performance all the way from point-of-impression to point-of-sale and all future transactions. No more guessing at ROI.

Developer Platform & Integrations

Leverage 50+ POS integrations or even build mobile payments right into your own app using LevelUp's open platform.

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Developer Platform & Integrations

LevelUp is a fully open platform meaning that you're not limited to using LevelUp as-is, or even have your customers use the LevelUp app. You're welcome to enhance, extend and embed it in new and creative ways. Our fully documented API and SDK makes integrating LevelUp into your own experience a breeze.

POS & Online Integrations

40+ POS companies and dozens of e-commerce / online ordering platforms have integrated LevelUp already.


Over 100 enterprises have used LevelUp's SDK to power their own mobile payment and loyalty apps.

Use LevelUp as is or build it into your own custom application.

Review sites, fitness apps, smartwatch manufacturers and more are already integrating LevelUp into their apps, meaning your business can ride the wave of a burgeoning developer ecosystem.

Interested in the API/SDK:

LevelUp Developer Site

Interested in a Custom App:

LevelUp White-Label


Over 14,000 businesses rely on LevelUp to power their business.

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Over 14,000 businesses rely on LevelUp to power their business.


LevelUp offers pricing that works for your business.

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Payment Processing & Campaigns

Monthly Subscription

starting at


per location

Payment Processing

Next-day payments every day to any bank account. It's that simple. Really.

No Charge-Back Guarantee

LevelUp's unique security model means that when we approve a transaction, we mean it. Credit card processors reserve the right to "change their mind" on payments up to 60-90 days later with huge chargeback fees and little room to dispute. This can often be as much as 0.5% of total volume (chargebacks and fees included). With LevelUp, we vouched for the customer when we approved the transaction and we stand by it. You're 100% shielded from any chargebacks when customers pay with LevelUp. Period.

One-Time Hardware Fees

Store Setup Fee


per location



The LevelUp Scanner plugs into most POS systems or the LevelUp Tablet. It scans the customer's QR Code and securely relays the data to the POS or Tablet, which completes the transaction. One scanner is needed.



If your POS doesn't support LevelUp or if you're using a cash register, you'll simply connect one of these tablets to WiFi and you're good-to-go. If you don't have WiFi, we can set you up with a $25/month data plan.

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