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Google Ventures

Google is... well... if you're really not sure who they are, just Bing them. Their venture arm, Google Ventures, is headed up by Rich Miner on the east coast and Bill Maris on the west. Rich Miner, one of the founders of Android, joined the LevelUp board of directors after leading our Series B. Along with always having the coolest next-generation phones ever, Rich also rides a motorbike. You can learn more about Google Ventures at

Balderton Capital

Balderton Capital led LevelUp's most recent round of investment and brings an incredibly valuable international perspective to the table. Barry Maloney, Balderton's founding partner, joined LevelUps board of directors in January of 2011. Learn more about Balderton Capital and their other investments at


Highland is a 'wicked awesome' VC firm based out of Lexington, MA (it's like Boston, but with a commute) with offices in Menlo Park, CA, Shanghai, and Geneva. Peter Bell, who still seems to put up with us after having been shot (repeatedly) with a Nerf Gun is a proud member of the LevelUp Board of Directors. You can read more about the awesome-ness that is Highland at


DreamIT Ventures is a micro-venture fund that incubates a class of early stage start-ups every Summer. LevelUp went through the DreamIT Ventures program (as SCVNGR) during the Summer of 2008 and thought it was the best thing... Ever. David Bookspan, Steve Welch and Mike Levinson (the founders of DreamIT) have all been extraordinarily valuable advisors to all of us. Learn more about DreamIT at


Bantam Group is the investment vehicle for Joe Caruso, a famous angel investor from the Boston area. Joe Caruso first invested in LevelUp when we had little more than a logo. Since then, well... actually, we've still only got one logo. Nevertheless, thanks to Joe's knowledge, advice, and dogmatic pursuit of the Socratic method, LevelUp has grown by leaps and bounds. Learn more about Joe and Bantam Group at

Continental Investors

Continental Investors is a private equity firm founded in 2006. Continental invests in private companies primarily in the financial services industry and in consumer businesses where the Internet is important. We are a strategic source of capital and look for opportunities where our industry experience and relationships can benefit management and other private equity investors. Learn more about Continental Investors at

Transmedia Capital

The Transmedia Capital (TMC) investment strategy is focused on emerging companies in the digital media sector. These sectors include social media, analytics, social gaming, mobile platforms, advertising, video technology, content distribution, commerce and search. TMC's domain expertise and focus on the digital media sector provides a differentiator within the venture investor community that has yielded deal flow of the most sought after start-up companies. Learn more about TMC at