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LevelUp White-Label

Our mobile payment and loyalty expertise has been crafted from years of work with 5,000+ merchants and 1MM+ users. LevelUp White-Label lets your business take the best of our technology and integrate it into an app that's 100% your brand.

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Case Studies

Learn about how businesses large and small are benefitting from LevelUp White-Label.

Meet sweetgreen


sweetgreen is the much-loved, organic, farm-to-table salad shop with locations all throughout Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York. In February 2013, sweetgreen launched it's mobile payments and loyalty app on LevelUp.

of volume paid with app in first 10 weeks

reduction in checkout time with the app
Our goal at sweetgreen is always to offer our guests the best experience. With the launch of our new mobile app, guests now have faster checkout times, rewards they can use at all sweetgreen locations and the ability to give back to their community and local schools. It's been amazing to see on out of every five guests with with the new app- and that's just in the first three months of launch
Jonathan Neman, sweetgreen

Meet Dunn Bros Coffee


Dunn Bros is the largest coffee chain to still craft roast their beans inside each of their 80+ locally owned and operated shops. They launched their app on LevelUp to replace their old plastic-card loyalty program.

increase in spend before redeeming a reward

increase in sales through the app
We couldn't be more delighted by our app's performance so far. It's great to be able to share these results with our franchisees. To actually see the program working and tap into the the customer insights the LevelUp platform provides has been very valuable.
Laura Radewald, CMO

Meet Sebastian's Cafe


Sebastian's Cafe is a multi-location quick-service restaurant serving delicious salads and sandwiches throughout New England. They turned to LevelUp to speed up lines during the lunch rush and lower their payment processing costs.

increase in visitor frequency

increase in average sales
We loved the idea of a mobile payment app with a loyalty program baked right in. We were immediately happy with our decision — in just one week, the money LevelUp brought in to one of Sebastians' five locations paid for the entire program. And the results only got better from there.
Mike Conley, Sebastian's

Best of LevelUp

With White-Label, you get everything LevelUp has to offer along with many benefits and customization options unique to White-Label apps.

Mobile Payment


Simple, fast and secure.
Offer your customers the best payment experience on the market.

Learn more about accepting

Campaign Infrastructure


Target customers intelligently and encourage repeat visits with our best-in-class campaign and loyalty infrastructure.

Learn more about campaigns

Analytics Engine


Our platform provides real-time insight into your business. Know your customers better than ever before.

Learn more about analytics

Interchange Savings


Payment processing on LevelUp costs just 1.95% flat.
And enjoy next-day payments everyday to any bank account.

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Custom Features

LevelUp White-Label is not a cookie-cutter approach. Mix and match the best parts of LevelUp's existing technology and enhance it with custom features to take it further. You always own your application source-code so you can work with us to add new features, or bring it to any other developer.


In App Ordering

Optimize sales through in-app ordering. Customers can place an order for pickup or delivery directly from your app.



Collect valuable feedback on new menu items, customer service, or any other topic important to your brand.


Status Level

Recognize your most valuable customers with a tiered rewards program. Over time, as customers reach specific benchmarks, they’ll unlock access to additional benefits and rewards.


Customer Profile

Collect customer preferences so you can target and engage your customers with relevant offers and emails specific to the individual.



Promote your menu, share nutritional info and help customers decide what they’d like before they walk in the door.

One Account of Record

As a business, you interact with customers in a number of different mediums; in-store, online, in-app, loyalty program, offers and more. Connect all these customer interactions to a single account of record and get a full portrait of each customer.


In-Store Transactions

Most of these transactions have data that's purposely hidden from you (i.e. credit cards) or are totally anonymous (i.e. cash).

In-App and Online Ordering

You may have an account here, but do you know when this customer places an order in-store?

Social Media

When your customers are advocating for you online are you tracking their results? If not, you should be!

Loyalty Programs

What percentage of your customers are using it? And does it really track customer's true identity anyway? Can they have multiple accounts set-up? Does it track orders in-store, in-app and online? What about social activity?

Deals, Coupons and Offers

Are your offers tracked to a customers transactions at your store? Is each offer uniquely tied to a customer to influence future offers?

What does it cost?

There are two ways to build a White-Label app on the LevelUp platform. Either license our SDK and do the design and development yourself, or hire us to do the work for you. Because each app is custom, the development costs vary. Below is a rough guideline of costs.

An "app" assumes both an iOS app and an Android app.

White-Label SDK


A license to the LevelUp SDK and access to the APIs to kick-start your app with all the functionality LevelUp has to offer.

Custom Design By LevelUp

Roughly $10K (or DIY if you're using our SDK)

The SDK includes a basic UI framework that you can lightly customize. If you're looking for a totally custom aesthetic, you'll need a team to design and implement that look and feel.

LevelUp can provide this development as a turn-key service, or you can work with one of our preferred partners, or do the work with your own team.

Custom Development By LevelUp

Roughly $20K-25K (or DIY if you're using our SDK)

The SDK is a core code-base with much of the functionality you'll want but it's not a functional app. It needs to be customized, hooked up to the proper API endpoints, QA'ed and deployed. Development brings your app from SDK to market-ready.

LevelUp can provide this development as a turn-key service, or you can work with one of our preferred partners, or do the work with your own team.


$10 per location per month with a base of $500/month

LevelUp offers a number of services to support your application including hosting the backend necessary, ongoing SDK upgrades to maintain consistency as platforms evolve, tier 1 support for your users' questions and more.

Additional Features

Costs vary

If there are additional custom features you'd like designed into your application those naturally take extra design and engineering resources. Your mobile app becomes your storefront in a customers' pockets so you'll likely want to keep adding to it over time.

Please contact our sales team on additional features pricing.

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