LevelUp is here to get your brand ready for the shift to mobile.

Will your brand be ready when customers stop reaching for their wallet, and start reaching for their phone?

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LevelUp's white-label platform gives your brand all the tools you'll need to take advantage of the shift to mobile. And it's not just about payments. It's about data, analytics, integrated loyalty, campaigns and more.

Our engineering team can build a custom mobile payments and loyalty app that's 100% your brand.

Your engineering team can integrate the LevelUp SDK to power mobile payments and more within your app.

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Supported Mobile Platforms and Technology

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What can your custom app do?

Each app LevelUp designs is special, designed with the features your customers need and want. Check out our custom apps below. Click the features in the lefthand column to get a virtual tour of the app.

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Mobile Payments (QR & NFC)

Provide customers with a fast, secure and convenient way to pay with their phones. Customers simply download the app, link their favorite card and then tap to pay with NFC or scan the QR Code on their phone at the counter to checkout. No need to preload money or manage balances.

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Passbook & Google Wallet

Enable your customers to seamlessly store their payment/loyalty cards rights within Apple Passbook or Google Wallet. Customers will be able to track their loyalty rewards and even pay right from their pass.

You'll get the full flexibility and customization of your own app, along with the convenience of customers being able to store easy access to your program right within Apple Passbook and Google Wallet.

Fake app spend based loyalty

Loyalty & Rewards

Your app will be connected to LevelUp's powerful campaign engine. Customers can accrue/redeem rewards simply by paying and track their progress in real-time in the app. LevelUp has dozens of campaign templates to choose from, or work with us to create a brand new one.

Check out all of our campaigns here.

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Gift Cards

Enable your customers to purchase plastic gift cards in-store or send digital gift cards to their friends. Gift cards can be redeemed simply by scanning them at the register or by snapping a picture to load the value right into the app.

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Fake app beacon message


Welcome your customers in the door with customizable beacon messages. Introduce a new item, let them know their loyalty progress, even wish them a happy birthday.

Fake app in app ordering

In-App Ordering

In conjunction with an online ordering partner, LevelUp will integrate a mobile ordering solution into the app to enable customers to order from within the app, or order online and accrue/redeem rewards.

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Receipt Notifications

Stop handing customers paper receipts they throw away. Instead, send interactive digital receipts with feedback surveys, new item promotions or even prompts to share on social media or write a review on Yelp.

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Real Time Receipts

When your customers pay, they'll receive a push notification confirming the transaction. This will show basic details about their transaction and also provide an opportunity for viral sharing. They'll also receive a custom email receipt.

Fake app legacy loyalty

Loyalty Migration

Make it simple for customers to migrate their old loyalty points to your new loyalty app. LevelUp will build in a feature for them to enter their old loyalty card number (or email) and seamlessly migrate points.

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Nearby Stores

Make it easy for your customers to find your nearest location. Display locations in order of proximity with a drill-down for place detail with hours, map and contact information.

Fake app menu


Use your custom app to promote the best of what you've got to offer. This is a server- side hosted menu that is embedded into the app so the content is easily updatable in real-time without requiring an app update.

Fake app registration

Log In & Registration Flow

A registration flow to collect the necessary information from users to create their account and a simple log in flow where users enter their username and password to gain access to the app.

Fake app customer profile

In-App Profile Management

Enable customers to update their basic info (name, email, age, gender) and also input custom data such as dietary preferences and more. This is also where they can add/remove their credit cards.

Fake app feedback

Customer Feedback & Surveys

A survey infrastructure for rich multimedia surveys to be delivered via email or linked from the app and quick post-transaction feedback after each transaction.

Fake app pin lock

Pin Lock

Allow users to optionally set a pin-lock that will be required on each app open.

Fake app support

In-App Support

An easy way for customers to submit support requests and feedback right from within the app.

Fake app refer a friend


A powerful campaign that enables users to give $N to their friends, and when their friends download the app and redeem that incentive in store, they get $N also.

Fake app scan


Enable users to scan campaign codes to unlock credit or gift cards to load them into their app. This can be used to enhance print ads, coupons and more. After scanning a code, a screen explains the promotion and, optionally, invites users to share to Facebook and Twitter.

Email Notifications

Deliver branded email notifications to users around key events, such as sign-up, changing cards, failed transactions etc…


LevelUp can design, deploy and host a micro-site for customers to manage their account online. While this is useful for everyone, it's most likely to be used by customers engaging with your program via plastic card.

Plastic Loyalty Cards

While we think mobile is the future, some customers may prefer a plastic card option. LevelUp can design plastic cards for your customers to pick up in-store and use with your program. LevelUp will provide the codes needed to print on the plastic cards and can recommend printers.

Customer CRM

Your app will be connected to LevelUp's analytics engine so that you see all of your customers in a real-time CRM and easily analyze their data to gain insight. Know what customers are spending, what items they're buying, learn their behavioral patterns and discover the best way to engage different customer segments.

Fraud Protection Tools

LevelUp's state of the art automated anti-fraud tools and security team ensure that your campaigns are protected from abuse. No more multiple redemption of offers, no more friendly fraud.

One Account of Record

As a business, you interact with customers in a number of different mediums; in-store, online, in-app, loyalty program, offers and more. Connect all these customer interactions to a single account of record and get a full portrait of each customer.

Why LevelUp?


Mobile Payments

Your app is only useful if customers are habitually using it, each and every time they engage with your business.



Once you've got an app that your customers use each time they visit, you can begin to gather rich data and analytics.



The data and analytics you acquire through your custom app in turn inform which campaigns you should run to drive sales.



With that strong mobile base, you can begin to integrate new features into your mobile app to further enhance your customer experience.

White label pyramid

LevelUp has built hundreds of applications for our enterprise partners. By relying on the Customer Engagement Pyramid we're able to achieve success each and every time.

Customer Engagement Pyramid Benefits

Mobile Payments

  • Provide an app that customers will consistently use each time they visit
  • Join market-leaders by providing an exceptional payment experience
  • Cheap payment processing and faster lines increase competitiveness


  • Turn "guests" into VIPs by learning more about them with each transaction
  • Measure campaign impact from point-of-impression to point-of-sale
  • Use our tools to find signal in the behavioral noise


  • Build a rewards program that will drive real ROI
  • Increase revenue with cleverly targeted, customized promotions
  • Customers redeem all campaigns without doing anything but paying


  • Because LevelUp is an open platform, there's no limit to what you can do
  • Leverage LevelUp's open SDK to integrate LevelUp into your own apps
  • Use LevelUp's API to pull data, push campaigns and more

Pricing & Timeframe

LevelUp White-Labels are custom built. This means costs, timeframes and launch schedules vary from build to build. But generally speaking, our custom app development projects cost between 20K and 60K (for both an iPhone and an Android application) and take around 8-12 weeks.

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